The OPD provides services to maintain health and ensure prevention against illness. To ensure fast recovery through diet and lifestyle changes.


1. Body, mind, social and spiritual wellbeing is the ultimate aim of Ayurveda in attaining health. Under this specific code of conduct is described under ‘Sadvritta’. Ethical, moral, social, mental and physical code of conduct should be practiced as ‘Achara Rasayana’ to gain benefits of overall wellbeing.


2. Dinacharya – A unique concept of Ayurveda for daily regimen and routine to be followed by individual to remain healthy. This daily routine will be advised according to individual’s work profile which includes diet plan, exercise, sleep patterns and other routine as described in Ayurveda.

3. Ritucharya – Another concept which deals with specific regimen according to season. Ritucharya consists of lifestyle , diet and routine in order to respond to the physical and mental changes healthily caused by seasonal changes. Ritucharya is a preventive health measure for immunity against seasonal variations.

4. Seasonal Panchakarma – Ayurveda advises seasonal panchakarma i.e. detoxification techniques according to individual’s Prakriti. This is also one of the preventive measures against lifestyle disorders.


5. Counselling – Adolescent health issues, social problems, domestic problems, senior citizens counselling for meditation and yoga.


6. Geriatric care – Awareness about geriatric illness and modes to prevent them and to live healthily in vulnerable age of life.

7. Pre natal – Ante natal and post natal care – Counselling for planned pregnancy with antenatal care through yoga and diet regimen. Postnatal exercises, yoga and diet for easy and fast recovery.


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